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1.85mm Connector:High-Frequency Microwave and Millimeter Solutions

In today’s advancing digital and communication technology, connectors play a crucial role as vital components in electronic devices, facilitating the essential functions of signal transmission and connectivity. The selection of connectors is paramount in various fields such as wireless communication, testing and measurement, radar systems, and satellite communication, directly impacting system performance and reliability. The 1.85mm connector, known for its high performance in RF connections, demonstrates outstanding performance in high-frequency microwave and millimeter wave applications.

What is 1.85mm Connector

The 1.85mm connector is a high-frequency RF connector that adheres to the 1.85mmconnector interface standard. It is designed for connecting high-frequency equipment and RF circuits, typically used for transmitting high-frequency RF signals. This type of connector is commonly employed in applications that demand high performance and precision, boasting excellent characteristics such as low insertion loss, wide frequency range, good impedance matching, and stability. The 1.85mm connector usually features a threaded connection, offering reliable connectivity and high-frequency transmission, suitable for RF applications that require high frequency and performance standards.

Interface size standard

1.85mm connector interface size standard
1.85mm connector (male/female)interface size standard

Frequency Range

DC to 67GHz. The 1.85mm connector is designed to support high-frequency RF signal transmission, offering a wide frequency range. This enables it to provide stable signal transmission in high-frequency microwave and millimeter wave applications, making it an ideal choice for many high-performance RF systems and devices.

Electrical properties

The 1.85mm connector boasts excellent electrical performance, contributing to ensuring signal integrity and accuracy during transmission, enhancing overall system performance.

  • Low VSWR: 1.25. The 1.85mm connector typically features a low VSWR, ensuring effective signal transmission and preventing signal reflection.
  • Low insertion loss. The 1.85mm connector has low insertion loss: <0.06√f(GHz)dB, helping to reduce energy loss during signal transmission and maintain signal stability.
  • Voltage resistance. The 1.85mm connector usually has high voltage resistance: 500V, capable of maintaining stable signal transmission in high-frequency environments.

Mechanical Performance

  • Connection method: The threaded connection is utilized, providing a sturdy and reliable connection suitable for high-frequency transmission environments.
  • Durability: The 1.85mm connector is designed to be robust and durable, capable of withstanding frequent connections and disconnections to maintain connection stability.
  • Insertion/withdrawal cycles: The 1.85mm connector typically has a high number of insertion/withdrawal cycles, ensuring the reliability and stability of the connector during long-term use.
  • Housing material: The connector’s housing is usually made of passivated stainless steel, offering excellent corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Dimensional accuracy: The 1.85mm connector exhibits high dimensional accuracy, ensuring precise alignment and stable connections between connectors.

Key Features

  • Vertical or edge launch, solderless compression
  • Stripline or microstrip/CPW transmission
  • Alignment features (vertical): with the addition of fiducials on the PCB any visual misalignment is eliminated, ensuring peak connector performance
  • Ideal for high-performance test applications
  •  IEC standard compliant 1.85mm coaxial connector (IEC 61169-32)
  • 0.085 inch flexible cable applicable
  • Terminator is also available
  • RoHS2 compliant


The 1.85mm connector is compatible and interchangeable with the 2.4mm connector, allowing it to be used in various systems, enhancing its flexibility and versatility.

Customized Design

Based on specific application requirements, customized designs can be implemented, including different interface forms, installation methods, and dimensional specifications.

1.85mm flange connector
1.85mm flange connector
  • Interface forms: Apart from the standard 1.85mm connector interface, different interface forms can be designed as needed, such as straight plug, PCB mount, flange mount, etc., to accommodate the connection needs of various devices and systems.
  • Installation methods: Various installation methods can be designed according to specific requirements, such as threaded connection, quick connect, waterproof connection, etc., to meet the installation needs in different application scenarios.
  • Dimensional specifications: While the 1.85mm connector has standard dimensional specifications, customized designs can still be carried out based on customer requirements, including adjustments in length, diameter, insertion depth, etc., to adapt to the size requirements of specific equipment or systems.
  • Material selection: Apart from common metal materials, specific materials can be chosen as per requirements, such as high-temperature wear-resistant materials, corrosion-resistant materials, etc., to meet the usage demands in special environments.
1.85mm endlaunch connector
1.85mm endlaunch connector


1.85mm connector stands out as a versatile and high-performance component in RF systems. With its precise interface dimensions, excellent electrical performance, durability, and compatibility features, the 1.85mm connector proves to be a reliable choice for high-frequency signal transmission applications. Its customizable design options further enhance its adaptability to various system requirements. Overall, the 1.85mm connector serves as a crucial link in ensuring efficient and stable RF signal transmission across a range of industries and applications.

1.85mm connector testing report

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