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What is a 1.0mm Connector : Features, Types & Applications

The 1.0mm connector is a crucial component in modern electronics, known for its small size and high performance. Widely used in consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive electronics, industrial automation, and communication equipment, these RF connectors enable compact designs and reliable high-speed data transmission, driving the trend towards miniaturization and ensuring stable connectivity in various applications.

What is  1.0mm Connector

The 1.0mm connector is a high-frequency RF connector known for its precision engineering and compact design. It is used to establish electrical connections in circuits or devices, featuring a center-to-center distance of 1.0mm between contacts. This connector is widely utilized in applications requiring high performance and reliable signal transmission in a small form factor.

1.00 mm connector interface dimensions
1.00 mm connector interface dimensions


  • The features of the 1.0mm connector include:
  •  A high-frequency RF connector suitable for high-frequency signal transmission.
  • Compact size and high level of integration, ideal for space-constrained electronic devices.
  • High-precision engineering to ensure reliable electrical connections.
  • Used in applications that demand high performance and stable signal transmission.

1.0mm VS 2.4mm、2.92mm & SMA

  • Space Efficiency: The 1.0mm connector can utilize PCB space more effectively, suitable for highly integrated designs.
  • Applications: Due to size constraints, the 1.0mm connector is more suitable for compact devices, whereas connectors with larger pitch may be better for applications requiring stronger mechanical stability and larger contact spacing.
  • Signal Transmission: For high-speed data transmission, the 1.0mm connector may require more intricate designs to manage signal integrity, while connectors with larger pitch may have more design margin in this aspect.
  • Cost and Complexity: Manufacturing and assembling the 1.0mm connector may be more complex, potentially leading to higher costs compared to connectors with larger pitches.


1.0mm connectors are widely used in the following fields:

  • Consumer electronics (such as smartphones, wearable devices)
  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive electronics (such as in-vehicle infotainment systems, advanced driver assistance systems)
  • Industrial automation
  • Communication equipment

Types of 1.0mm connector

According to different application scenarios or installation methods, 1.0mm connectors have the following types

2-Hole connector

This connector is designed with two mounting holes to secure and connect two components. It is often used in applications that require a secure connection, such as between circuit boards.

1.0mm 2-Hole connector
1.0mm 2-Hole connector

4-Hole connector

Similar to the 2-Hole connector, but with four mounting holes for additional mechanical stability. This connector is suitable for environments subject to greater mechanical stress.

1.0mm 4-Hole connector
1.0mm 4-Hole connector

Direct Solder Cable Connector

The Direct Solder Cable Connector is designed to solder cables directly to circuit boards. It is often used in applications that require reliable electrical connections and compact designs.

1.0mm Female Direct Solder Cable Connector
1.0mm Female Direct Solder Cable Connector

Field Replaceable Cable Connector

Field Replaceable Cable Connector is designed for quick cable replacement without the need for specialized tools. It is convenient for users to perform maintenance and upgrades on site.

1.0mm Field Replaceable Cable Connector
1.0mm Field Replaceable Cable Connector

Thread-In Step-Thread

Thread-In Step-Thread connector is a threaded connector with a stepped thread design that allows the connector to be embedded into the device. This design provides a compact installation and ensures a tight connection.

1.0mm Female Thread-In Connector
1.0mm Female Thread-In Connector

End Launch Connectors

End Launch Connectors are designed to transfer signals from cable to circuit board or from circuit board to cable. They are often used in RF applications and can be mounted directly on the edge of the PCB for efficient transmission of signals.

1.0mm female connector for PCB end launch
1.0mm female connector for PCB end launch

As a precise and efficient connection solution, 1.0mm connectors have demonstrated their indispensable role in many fields. They not only provide more flexibility, but also ensure high-performance connection of devices in limited space. With the continuous advancement of technology, 1.0mm connectors will continue to play a key role in smart devices, communication technology and other high-tech applications, driving the connection technology towards smaller, faster and more reliable directions.

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