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What are Solderless PCB Connectors

Solderless PCB connectors have revolutionized the way electronic components are interconnected on printed circuit boards (PCBs). These connectors provide a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional soldered connections, offering benefits such as quick installation, enhanced signal integrity, and ease of replacement. In this article, we will explore the various advantages and applications of solderless PCB connectors in the realm of modern electronics, from high-speed digital testing to military and aerospace technologies.

What are Solderless PCB Connectors

Solderless PCB connector is a high-performance microwave RF coaxial connector, usually with a clamping type solderless series and a vertical detachable solderless series coaxial connector. Solderless PCB connector can be connected to the circuit board without soldering. It is suitable for single-layer or multi-layer printed circuit board applications.


  • Quick installation: No soldering is required, and the installation process is simple and fast.
  • Improve signal integrity: The connection is stable and reliable, which helps to maintain the integrity and stability of the signal.
  • Save space: Compared with traditional soldering methods, solder-free connectors can reduce the space occupied by PCB boards.
  • Suitable for rapid prototyping: Convenient to replace and adjust the connection, suitable for rapid prototyping and frequent testing.
  • Multiple specifications are available: A variety of specifications and models are available, suitable for different electronic devices and application scenarios.
  • Strong durability: The design is rugged and durable, able to withstand long-term use and frequent connections.
  • Easy to maintain and replace: The connector is reusable and easy to replace, reducing maintenance costs and repair time.

Interface Types

Solderless PCB connectors are often widely used in high-frequency applications. In high-frequency environments, signal integrity and stability become particularly important. Therefore, the interfaces of Solderless PCB connectors are generally the following:

Common Solderless PCB Connector Types

Solderless Vertical Launch Connector

This type of connector is usually used to transmit vertical signals to PCB boards without soldering. They usually have a special design to ensure the quality and stability of signal transmission.

Solderless Vertical Launch Connector
Solderless Vertical Launch Connector

Solderless End Launch Connector

This type of connector is often used to connect RF or high-frequency signals at the edge or end of a PCB board. They allow users to easily connect and disconnect connectors without the need for soldering, providing a more flexible solution.

Solderless End Launch Connector
Solderless End Launch Connector


  • Communications industry: connection of communications equipment, base stations, antenna systems, and other wireless communications equipment.
  • Industrial control: connection of industrial automation systems, control panels, sensors, and actuators.
  • Automotive electronics: various electronic devices and sensors inside cars, and connection of on-board communications systems.
  • Aerospace: electronic connections in aircraft, satellites, and other aerospace equipment.
  • Medical equipment: connection of various sensors, monitoring equipment, and control systems in medical equipment and medical devices.

Solderless PCB connectors, as a convenient and reliable connection solution, provide important support for various high-frequency, microwave and RF applications. They not only simplify the assembly and maintenance process of electronic equipment, but also ensure the stability and quality of signal transmission.

Vinstronics offers a variety of high-performance Solderless Vertical Launch Connector and Solderless End Launch Connector  for single-layer or multi-layer printed circuit board applications. A variety of connector types are available for 2.92mm (40GHz), 2.4mm (50GHz), 1.85mm (67GHz), and 1.0mm (110GHz). Contact us for more RF microwave solutions!


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