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BNC Connector

cable to bnc connector

BNC connector, short for Bayonet Neill-Concelman, is a common Coaxial Connector primarily used in RF and video applications. It consists of a circular plug and socket with a twist-lock mechanism, enabling quick and reliable connections and disconnections.

BNC connectors are employed to link coaxial cables for transmitting RF or video signals. Operating on a twist-lock mechanism, the plug is inserted into the socket and twisted clockwise to engage the internal pins with the receptacle, ensuring stable signal transmission without the risk of loosening. They offer good shielding performance to prevent external interference from affecting signal quality.

Vinstronics’ BNC connectors are specifically designed for low-frequency applications. They offer excellent shielding performance, easy installation and removal, secure connections, and stable signal transmission. Widely used in video surveillance, television broadcasting, testing equipment, data communication, wireless terminal devices, and electronic device connections.

Vinstronics’ BNC connectors feature a male and female construction with an impedance of 50 ohms, and come with standard and reverse polarity thread designs. Our BNC connectors are available in both right-angle and straight shapes, connecting to coaxial cables, PCB, or terminal, offering options for 4-hole flange, bulkhead, 4-hole panel, or no installation. Connection methods include crimp/solder, press-fit/solder, field replaceable, solder, or solder/solder.

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