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2.92mm connector

2.92mm connectors


2.92mm connector is a commonly used RF coaxial connector in the RF and microwave industry, widely applied in fields such as satellite communication, aerospace, defense, and precision laboratories. It serves as a high-frequency precision interconnect solution with a threaded connection design, ensuring excellent electrical performance and a stable connection.

2.92mm connector features a smaller inner diameter and a unique air dielectric, with a 50 ohm impedance and a frequency range of up to 40GHz. It offers numerous advantages, including low VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), excellent return loss and insertion loss, and high power handling capability. Additionally, it is compatible and can be used in conjunction with SMA connectors and 3.5mm connectors.


Vinstronics offers a variety of 2.92mm connectors with different types. Depending on the specific application, we provide options for 2-hole and 4-hole configurations, as well as threaded, end-launch, and vertical-launch mounting flanges. All 2.92mm connectors are available in both male and female gender options.

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