1.85mm connector

1.85mm Connectors


1.85mm connector is a high-performance miniature RF coaxial connector, typically used in applications that require extremely high frequencies and precise signal transmission. It is designed for unmoded operation up to 67GHz with a 50-ohm impedance. It covers frequencies in the V-band and is also known as the “V connector”.

1.85mm connector interface uses an M7 thread. Its outer conductor diameter is 1.85mm, with an outer diameter of 4.7mm, making it compatible with 2.4mm connectors. To connect with SMA or 2.92mm connectors, an RF adapter is required. Vinstronics offers adapters to pair 1.85mm connectors with SMA and 2.92mm connectors.

1.85mm connector interface mainly uses air dielectric and features support beads to reduce interactions between beads during mating, ensuring optimal connector performance. The 1.85mm connector is suitable for high-speed data transmission, satellite communication, RF testing, and other fields requiring ultra-high-frequency transmission. Its compact design and reliable connectivity make it an essential component in high-frequency RF systems.

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