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SPDT Coaxial Switch

SPDT Coaxial Switch

SPDT coaxial switch is a crucial component for RF and microwave circuits. It features a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) structure, allowing it to switch signal paths in coaxial cables or RF circuits. With three ports – an input port, output port 1, and output port 2 – the switch can connect the input signal to two different output ports by controlling voltage or signals. This switching operation enables the SPDT coaxial switch to flexibly switch signal paths in circuits.

Designed for high-frequency signal transmission, the SPDT coaxial switch demonstrates excellent high-frequency performance. It typically exhibits low insertion loss and high isolation. Low insertion loss ensures reduced energy loss during signal transmission, while high isolation effectively prevents signal interference and crosstalk issues. These features make the SPDT coaxial switch perform well in RF and microwave circuits.

In addition to high-frequency performance, the SPDT coaxial switch boasts reliability and high performance. It provides stable performance and a long lifespan, enabling reliable operation in various environmental conditions. Moreover, its flexibility and high performance make it an indispensable component in RF and microwave circuits, providing vital support for circuit flexibility and functionality. Overall, the SPDT coaxial switch plays a significant role in modern communication and wireless applications, helping optimize circuit performance and signal transmission quality.

Vinstronics offers an SPDT series of RF coaxial switches, available in both non-terminated and terminated versions. Depending on the application, we also provide various interface types, such as N-type, 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, and SMA. Among these coaxial switches, the maximum frequency can reach up to 67GHz.

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