RF Coaxial Cable

RF Coaxial Cable is a cable used to transmit high-frequency signals. It consists of an inner conductor (usually copper wire), an insulation layer, an outer conductor (a conductive mesh or metal foil) and an outer sheath. The inner and outer conductors are isolated by an insulating layer to form a coaxial structure, which effectively reduces signal interference and loss.

Vinstronics offers different types of RF coaxial cables to meet your different application needs and performance requirements. Such as Semi-Rigid Coax Cable, Flexible Coax Cable, Low Loss Coax Cable, Phase Stable Cable, Test and Measurement Cable. Different types of RF coaxial cables have different characteristics in terms of frequency range, impedance, loss, and voltage resistance.

Vinstronics offers RF coaxial cables in the frequency range from 50 kilowatts to 110 Ghz. According to your different application needs, different lengths can be customized and different RF connectors can be selected. We currently provide common interface types including 1.00mm, 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, SMP, SMPM, BNC, SMA, SMB, TNC, N-type, MCX, etc.

Vinstronics is a leading supplier of high-quality RF and microwave components, including RF coaxial cables, RF connectors, RF adapters, loads, attenuators, etc., and can customize RF cable assemblies according to your different needs. A professional technical team provides you with excellent customer service and technical support.

RF Cable Types

Low loss steady phase & amplitude cable

Low loss steady phase & amplitude cable is a high-quality cable that ensures minimal signal loss and consistent phase and amplitude characteristics. It is ideal for stable and accurate signal transmission, especially in high-frequency applications.

High precision test cable is a cable specifically designed for precise and accurate testing purposes. It offers excellent signal integrity and minimal signal distortion, ensuring reliable and high-quality measurements.

Solid type low loss steady phase & amplitude cable is a high-performance cable with a solid construction. It is engineered to provide minimal signal loss, consistent phase, and amplitude characteristics for reliable signal transmission in high-frequency applications.

Economical semi-rigid cable is a cost-effective cable option that offers good performance. It is designed with a flexible outer jacket and a semi-rigid inner conductor, providing a balance between flexibility and signal integrity. 

Low loss semi-rigid cable is a high-quality cable known for its minimal signal loss. It combines the flexibility of a semi-rigid outer jacket with low-loss characteristics, ensuring efficient signal transmission in high-frequency applications. 

High power low loss cable is a cable designed to handle high power levels while minimizing signal loss. It is engineered with specialized materials and construction to ensure efficient power transmission and minimal energy dissipation. 

Low loss stationary phase semi-rigid cable is a high-performance cable with minimal signal loss and stable phase characteristics. It features a semi-rigid construction that provides excellent signal integrity and ensures consistent phase stability. 

Economical semi-rigid cable is a cost-effective cable option that offers good performance. It is designed with a flexible outer jacket and a semi-rigid inner conductor, providing a balance between flexibility and signal integrity. 

Ultra flexible low loss cable is a highly flexible cable with minimal signal loss. It maintains excellent signal integrity while allowing for easy bending and maneuverability. It is a reliable and efficient solution for applications that require both flexibility and high-quality signal transmission.

Low loss flexible cable refers to a cable that offers minimal signal loss while being highly flexible. It is designed with materials and construction techniques that prioritize both signal integrity and flexibility. This cable is suitable for applications that require easy bending and maneuverability without compromising on signal quality.

Economical steady phase & amplitude testing cable is a cost-effective cable for accurate and reliable phase and amplitude testing. It provides an affordable solution without compromising on the quality of measurements. This cable is ideal for budget-conscious applications that require precise and consistent testing results.

Low loss cable is a type of cable that minimizes signal loss during transmission. It ensures efficient and reliable signal transfer with excellent signal integrity. It is commonly used in applications where signal quality is important, such as telecommunications and data centers.

Communication interconnection cable refers to a cable used for connecting and transmitting data between different communication devices. It enables seamless communication and data transfer between devices such as computers, routers, and servers.

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