DC~6GHZ SMA male 5W coaxial Terminator

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Key Specifications
Termination Type RF Load
Connector Series SMA
Connector Gender Male
Minimum Frequency DC
Maximum Frequency 6 GHz
Impedance 50 Ohm
Maximum VSWR 1.3:1
Maximum Power 5 Watt
DC~6GHZ SMA male 5W coaxial Terminator

Vinstronics’ RF load termination, also known as a dummy load, features an SMA male connector. This Vinstronics 5 watt SMA male load/termination is rated for a maximum frequency of 6 GHz and has a 50 Ohm impedance. The max input power rating (CW) of this RF termination is 5 Watts. The SMA coax terminator is housed in a black anodized aluminum body. Vinstronics’ 50 Ohm SMA coaxial termination has a maximum input power of 5 Watts and a maximum VSWR of 1.3:1.

Vinstronics excels in providing cutting-edge RF solutions. Our RF Terminators come in various types to suit different applications, ensuring efficient signal termination and enhancing signal integrity. From SMA terminators for precise connections to high-power terminators for demanding environments, Vinstronics offers versatile solutions for diverse RF needs. Trust Vinstronics for superior performance and reliability in RF termination.

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